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Jerry Fulkerson

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I was born in Muskogee, raised in Sapulpa

and Lived in Tulsa all my adult life.

I'm an 82 yr old Air Force Vietnam Veteran

​And I'm happy making my beloved

Tulsa more beautiful every day.

  • Trash Pads0:44

1) We remove grass to ground level with cultivator/tiller and shovel/hoe.

2) Level with pea gravel where necessary. Follow natural drainage slope to street.

3) We make a dirt/pea gravel ramp  to make it easier to place cans.
4) Trash and Recycle Pads will be separated by 1' to make it easier for trash trucks to hit target.

5) We put the sod in clear plastic bags and leave on the curb for city pickup.​
6) 32" X 32" Trash Pad (4) 16" paver stones on moisture barrier-------150lbs.

7) Economy Trash & Recycle Pads on moisture barrier---------------------300lbs.


1) We install above ground level so rain will clean them instead of washing dirt on top of them.

2) In case of sewer line repair paver stones can be removed and replaced.  

     Slabs are expensive and in case of sewer line repair--all is lost.

3) ALL PAD INSTALLATIONS: we will reset/relevel pads for $40.00/ pad.

4) We install pads on opposite side of driveway from mail box unless otherwise instructed.  




Once they are installed it is clear they belong.